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Christie –

Victim Location 77449

Total money lost $3,500

Type of a scam Employment

I wrote yesterday about this scam, but it has developed because now they have charged the money. I am from Mexico, i am looking to go to Canada when i graduate, so i was doing a Little research about it on internet. I first came across a pngage called “Inmigracion Canadiense”, i just put in my name, e-mail and phone number but up to that point didn´t do any payment. The same day i received a call from a number in Canada, saying they saw i was interested in a working visa and their agency could help me get one, and a job before i went into the country, but i had top ay a fee for their services of $150 UDS, which i payed.

2 days later i got another call from Canada but from a different company called "Jobs across the world", a guy introduced himself as my asigned “agent” to relocate me, and help me to my process to Canada. He already had all of my personal information, including my credit card information i am guessing from the first pngage .

My mistake was giving him the back number of my credit card. Where he charged me 3,500 UDS. He did ask me for qualifications, CV, criminal records, passport and other documents via E-mail etc…

He promised me their company could get me a job that will pay me 4 thousand to 5 thousand dollars a month, plus the company that hired me would include in the package car, and housing, in addition of helping me get the visa.

When i hung up i realized my mistake, and i began to investigate about this so called company. First of all, i found that they claim to have many years of experience, and their pngage was founded this year 2019. His facebook page was created on 2017, it has a lot of followers but not any good or bad comments, or testimonies from people who has succesfully got a job with their services.

I then called them and send e-mails demanding a refound and i could not get in touch with my "as signed agent", and i called and no was could help me of course. It took me a while to found someone to talk about, and he told me he could just refound me 20% of the total payment, and he say it is stated on their terms and policies which i look in both pages and i didn´t find that statement anywhere. When i told them i would like an investigation from the bank, and i wanted all my money back, i also ask for a copy of the recorded conversation he told me they had. I hung up and the same gut began calling me from different numbers, first from Canada, then from a number in the United Kingdom, like 10 times . The payment had not been charged yet, but it came in today. I believe this is a fake company, plus they are not in a possition to promise visas or guarantee you a job in Canada because they are not even affiliated to the Canadian government. I could not find any reviewa of this company, exept for one that was analyzing that this was a scamer company.

Rebecca –

Victim Location 79936

Type of a scam Employment

I am looking to go to Canada to work after graduation, when i first started looking for opportunities I found a pngage named " Inmigracion Canadiense" and i put in my name and e-mail but didn´t proceed to pay anything. That same day a person from this "company" called me from a number in Canada, assuring their company could provide me the working visa to Canada and get a Job before i went into the country, but i had to pay a fee of $150 UDS which i did. The next day i got a call from another "Company" named "Jobs across the world" a man introduced himself as my "asigned agent" for my relocation process, he already had all my information, which he got apparently from the first web page i log into, including my credit card info. My mistake is that i gave him the back number of that credit card which was the only info they didn´t had, and the charged me with $3,500 USD, promising me the visa, a job with a salary of 4 thousand to 5 thousand canadian dollars a month, and that the company that hired me would provide me car and housing.

They did ask me for qualifications, CV, certificates of studies, criminal records etc….

When i hung up i started investigating, in their facebook page there is no one single comment from anybody, good or bad, even though they have a lot of followers, also they claimed to have "a lot of years of experience" but the FB page was created on 2017 and the pngage was created on 2019, so this year. They don´t have any testimony of anybody getting a job with them in Canada or any other country in their pngage or facebook page. And they are not even located in Canada, their company adress is from London UK.

I inmediatley demanded a refound, and of course when i called the numbers in the e-mail and the ones that had called me i had no answer or answer from different people that say couldn´t help me, i send e-mails demanding a refound and i talked to my bank. When i could finally talk to a person of customer service of "Inmigracion Canadiense" he said he could only refound 20% of the total amount and that it was on their online terms of service. I checked both web pages, it didn´t say that anywhere. I then told them my bank had the record of the conversation, that they never told me anything about refound policies, and that so far i had not gotten any service from them so i wanted my money back, and i ask for a fraud investigation from the bank. I hung up and i start recieving calls from different cities in Canada, but it was the same guy, who apparently got scared because of the investigation with the bank, i hung up, then i got calls from a United Kingdom number which i also hung up.

The charge had not pass up to that point, it was in process of confirmation, after i stop taking their calls and ask for an investigation to the bank conserning that charge, the charge was removed or cancelled. I got lucky because i did a little bit of research and i got protection from the bank.

What i found out after reading in official government pages and should have been obvious from the start is that NO ONE can assure you a working visa but the Canadian government, no one can assure you a job without your CV, interviews, and certificates, and when it sounds too good to be true, probably there is something odd going on. I also learned that the Canadian government will not call you or send you e-mails just like that, and they do not charge you any fee trough internet and much less a phone call.



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