Joanna Teacup Pomeranian Mansion

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Anne – Jan 30, 2020

Victim Location 20175

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for a Pomeranian puppy for my girl. We never buy dogs but because we didn’t find a rescue puppy we decided to research for a website, we found this website and we like one of their puppys so I contacted the people there you need to fill a form in their website. After I fill the form they send me a text first and then they send me an email with information about the adoption for the puppy. They ask questions and it looks like they are serious but then later asked me to send the money through Western Union then I felt strange because it’s not normal for a business to do that then they sent me a text message again and asked me for the money but I was not ready to send the money so I told him that I will send it the next day but I had a feeling that something was wrong and I start researching the Internet until I found that they were scam then I called them and I asked to talk to the supposed owner who is Joanna a person from India answer the call and he told me that Joanna was not available that she was his wife and she was working at the hospital but she will communicate the next day in the morning with me. They called me the next morning and the same man who was talking to me the day before was faking his voice like a women and said “I am Joanna then I realize that he was faking his voice and I told him and he got hung up after I didn’t hear from anyone of those people so be careful because they are scam and criminals.



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