Joan Cathney Spencer

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Cristina – Mar 26, 2020

Victim Location 84078

Type of a scam Employment

This company is advertising on 3/22/2020 on FB for Data Entry/Benefits @$17.00 an hour. I contacted them for an interview I had to download Google hangouts first. We did an online interview and I was accepted and then they told me they would pay off all my credit cards and then I would have to go to Walmart and purchase 2 $400 Itunes cards and then send them to a vendor and they would send me a laptop and software for the job. I let them know I was very skeptical of this and after they could not convince me they were legit the hiring manager( Joan Spencer) said "You will be contacted by the CORONA VIRUS BY TOMORROW IF YOU REPORT" Really not something a professional would do. The person who referred me was asked to pay 2 $500 Itunes cards for her software which was supposed to be the same as I was asked to pay $800. This is more a business practices issue but I don’t think they are legit I believe they are scammers and need to be stopped. The address is for another company and the phone number never says the business name.I want this company closed down as I believe they are scamming people.



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