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Hannah –

Victim Location 91104

Type of a scam Employment

This is a very professional business who claims to be a printing company which headquarters are in the UK, but they also operate in the U. S. They claim to be also operating worldwide in other countries. They offer employment as a gift wrapper to work from home and say you can build a career within their company and move up as a designer and be a supervisor and so on. Their site is very professionally built so you don’t doubt that they are a fake company. Besides, you can purchase products from their site with their logo. I didn’t purchase any products, but was offered a job. They sent me a contract which seemed legal that I signed and they wanted me to send a copy of my ID which I also e-mailed them. In the contract it also said how much I’m going to earn monthly. Then they created a web cabinet for me where I can enter that I have received the packets and tell them when I have to ship them. The web cabinet is also professionally built and answers every question you might have from how to gift wrap to how to move up within the company. Besides, I was assigned a supervisor whose name is Martha Bergmann who was messaging me and welcoming me to their company. She said I could ask her any questions that I had, through the web cabinet or phone, or email. Then they wanted more documents from me like social security and an I9 Form and offered also different ways on how I can receive my money. Yet, I became suspicious and checked their company out. Their website is not really on google to find and their phone number in the U. S is not working. Besides, I googled the addresses of their site in the U. S and the U.K and it doesn’t show that it belongs to the Jo & Hickey company. When I confronted them in an e-mail they said they will send me their license if I need it. When I told them what else is wrong within their company they changed my password and I can’t access my web cabinet anymore. I’m not sure what they are exactly doing on fraudulent activities, but most probably they would have stolen my identity if I had given them my social security and my bank information.



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