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Meagan – Sep 22, 2020


I wrote request for funding ,I had 20 years construction experience,sole proprietor and president the corporation M Arthur & Co Inc,my credit rating good,not miss payments,no debts.After forth time conversation with Matt Lagowski,he offer me $30000,and when i do agree take this money for development,Matt Lagowski request me pay all my personal credit card before.
I do never let this company use my personal date for their personal purposes,but as you see their use my date for personal purposes.
Please we have laws about financial institution’s,loans providers,minimal educations and etc.
Now all what this company do now look some frauds.

Best regards,


Calvin – Oct 22, 2020

I think there may be a bit of a language barrier here.

We are not able to help people who have high balances. If someone is at a certain utilization percentage on their lines of credit they already have open, the underwriters will issue an approval with stipulations. Here it looks like you were approved for around $30,000 with the stipulation that you paid down your existing card balances.

In this case, your balances were too high to start the process… and we would have instructed you to pay them down to a suitable utilization percentage.

Nothing in this “complaint” indicates that your information was used for our personal reasons at all. This just simply doesn’t make sense. I hope that anyone who views this will see that.

Kristi – Oct 22, 2020

Victim Location 47331

Type of a scam Identity Theft

On July 8, 2019, I was contacted by a representative (Matt) from a company called JMR Funding after I had submitted a request on their website to receive further information for loans for my startup business. Matt told me that in order to determine the loan amount I would be eligible for I would need to email him a copy of my credit report, after which point he said he would tell me what I was approved for. After I had already sent the information, I did more research and found that while the company claimed to be Accredited, their business was not listed with the BBB. They have very little information about the business available online other than what is on their website. When I asked the representative what the address of their business was, he initially said he didn’t know, and the address he ended up giving me was for the post office in Draper, Utah. I have put freezes on all my credit reporting as well as notified my bank to protect myself, but am hopeful that by reporting this company I will prevent someone else from putting themselves at risk like I did.

Christopher –


For anyone who sees this, please noteā€¦ this individual did not actually go through our process and claims here are simply not true at this point.

If you search google: “JMR Funding BBB”. You will see we are accredited and have an A+ with them. We had never heard of scampulse or no-scam until this complaint was posted.

You will also see our address listed there on our BBB page.



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