JMK Technologies Advisors

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Thomas –

Victim Location 54913

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Tech Support

I signed on to JMK Technologies Advisors on 9/23/16 because they STOPPED my computer…telling me I had a virus & that they worked for Microsoft. I was told not to use my computer & they would put McAfee software to protect me. The cost was $200 for 2 years. I found out it was a scam and called to get a refund, they sent an email showing they refunded it but they actually took $200 from my account. In all they took a total of $600 form my account. I am disputing it with my bank. I took a screen shot of the website, see below.

When I called them for a refund, people would yell at me and hang up. I was told that calling the police or my lawyer wouldn’t do any good. I took the computer to a local reputable computer repair shop to have it cleaned up.



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