JMD Software Solutions

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Brett –

Victim Location 55309

Type of a scam Tech Support

The company somehow got a pop-up window to display on the computer screen saying the computer was infected with a virus and to call the number on the screen. My parents called the number and the guy told them he was from a Microsoft support company called Softnet Solutions and that the message meant their computer had a virus and needed to be removed. My parents then gave them remote access to their computer and the guy downloaded some programs to fix the "problem." The cost was around $250 and the guy said each year the programs will be reduced to about $60 a year for continued protection. They asked for a check as payment which my parents filled out and the guy took a picture of the check through the computer. After explaining this to me, I told them to cancel the check and change their passwords. They had to cancel the check for a fee with the bank.



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