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Charlotte –

Victim Location 91011

Total money lost $17,000

Type of a scam Moving

Thes people misrepresent themselves by boasting to impeccable reviews and then looting innocent customers, leaving the corporate entities with less loss so as to gaslight the naive customer. with falsified reviews. These people encouraged me to pack my car with personal art and irreplacable items, and then put me in harms way without a thought, making me feel safe to trust them, meanwhile the mad and his british accent encouraged my sense of safety and the compay they put my car int he hands of robbed me of things and continue to. The carrier working for the CAT company is called JKUSA and i was hopingt they werent really a deceitful company by their name but I was proved wrong. C.A.T. was JK- The company called JKUSA had a driver MR Chung who called me after dark on a saturday night to bring my car to him where it would sit on the truck until the next night when he would leave. At that poiunt I also trusted this Andy man the british accent guy who is married to the C.A.T.. They said thay would transport my vehicle in 7 days, so I could get it when I arrived on Saturday of that week. The car arrived on the wednesday and supposedly was at the address above (Maywood, CA) until it was delivered to my nome on Monday after that. It supposedly sat in a place for several days before they could deliver it to me. During that time. or before, people went shopping in my car. he company robbed me of my precious cargo beutiful clothes i had collected over the years and my original art and beade jewelry. They looted me. And my plants had been let to die but at least they came back to life. The art and beautiful items i once owned were stolen by these ruthless people. They were cvrooks. I didnt realize there was no accountability among these moving comapanies so I will report this very problematic experience in order to help others who will be deceived by manipulated ScamPulse.com angies List and Yelp reviews as I was, plus a British guy who is too sexy for his CAT…. The man and his wife deceived me with these reviews that they boast as being without one complaint, and then they put my car in the hands of the cheapest carrier and had my things stole, accepting no responsibility. The man and his CAT are not to be trusted and JKUSA is a company that has no phone number and no accountability. (786) 859-3057



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