JJ Solutions

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Melinda –

Victim Location 37037

Total money lost $765

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I got a call from J&J Solutions. The man on the phone stated I owed a debt from 6 years ago to a loan company that I did not recognize. He said they had contacted my counties police and I could go to jail. They said they were filing a law suit and if I did not pay I would go to prison. They told me the name of the company which I did not recognize and said after I finished paying it off I could go to the court house and get a copy. What got me was the threat of jail. I stupidly set up a payment plan.

After a while I got interested and again stupidly looked them up and on a scam report found they had done this to someone else and their situation was the same. I reported to my bank. They would do nothing because I allowed them access. I reported to the police. They called them and they were rude. He asked to get a copy of the documents and they stated since they were not classified as a "collection agency", they did not have to provide that information. Basically I had no recourse but a law suite. That would end up costing more than they stole from me. I am making this complaint with the hope someone with the same call as I got will check the ScamPulse.com first.



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