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Maurice –

Victim Location 13034

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Tech Support

On September 7, 2018, I received a Microsoft Warning (full page) on my computer and contacted the number listed which I thought was a legitimate Microsoft Tech. Assistance Co. Once I got through they seemed very professional, showing me items on my computer which should be cleaned, describing items that shouldn’t be on my computer i.e. I.P. Addresses that weren’t mine.

They told me for 5 years support the fee would be $1799.00 which I paid via E-Check from my bank account. Important to note that at that time, they were called PC Support Plaza, 13663 Providence Rd, Suite 337, Matthews NC 28104. I received a confirmation letter welcoming me and all seemed legit. Because I did not have any issues, that was the last time I spoke to them. Yesterday I happened to come in and hear a voice message on my phone telling me the company had closed down and they will calling to refund my $1799. They said because the company was closed down they could only send the refund via a Government Controlled Refund Server (icon Team6) was then loaded to my PC. Then they gave me an ID 506 995 385. They said they were sending the refund now and that I should open my bank account to confirm receipt and that they didn’t need any account numbers, just wanted to send the transfer. I opened my checking account to find that they deposited $6000 and $1200; the $6000 was supposed to be $600 which I pointed out to the guy on the phone and he acted very surprised that he made such a big mistake. He then proceeded to say that because it was a Government server, the only way to return the $5400 was via Google Gift Cards.

At this point I started to question him and he was became angry and froze my computer. I contacted my other tech. group Agile Tech to have them assist me in getting my screen back as well as getting rid of anything connected with "Anydesk.com and Team6" which they did promptly. I then contacted my Credit Union to report the transaction/problem and they immediately saw strange intervention within my accounts. What the scammer(s) did to deposit the money into my checking was transfer the funds from my Money Management Savings Account into my Checking Account (my MM Savings Account was not open at the time so I didn’t see the reduced balance. My account(s) and Visa (associated with my Credit Union) have all been closed. I must add that this particular day I was exhausted from not only spending days on my taxes, I also own more than one piece of real estate which takes up a lot of time when tenants move and the search is on for a new tenant – – when I heard "refund" I fell for it and am very angry at myself for answering the phone. Here’s the scam: they get people to go out and buy the Google Gift Cards and they want to stay on the phone with you on the way to the store and immediately want you to scratch off the back of the card for the number.

The scammer states that because of his mistake both of our accounts would be closed. I was foolish enough to allow them one gift card of $50 and that’s all they got because I finally realized the situation. The first person I spoke to, the one who answered the phone said his name was Adam (I did see a name Alex Shira when they took over my computer, however, his manager who was the one who was going to "expedite the refund" said his name was Jack Wilson. I questioned him as to why someone with an accent had a name like that and he said it was a company rule to have user-friendly names in the US. I actually lost $1,849.00, however, only realized the total amount yesterday, as far as the Google Gift Cards, he only got one for $50.00.



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