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Adrienne – May 04, 2020

Type of a scam Tech Support

I contacted what i believed to be a ****** number to discuss an issue. A tech support person who i believed to be a ****** tech assisted me and before i realised it had remoted my computer. He told me i had trojans and really bad viruses on my computer and my ip address was compromised. He told me i needed to pay hundreds of dollars to fix problems. Beware!! I had asked before hanging up for their phone number and was given a number and name of the company Jinidigital( this was the software he tried to get me to purchase) I feel completely violated and very upset that i let this happen. I later ran scans on my computer that showed no threats… The real ****** tech told me to beware of third party scammers that do this to people. Always look for a number under the company website do not randomely look up a number, as there are lots of scammers on the Internet posting their numbers.



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