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Colin –

Type of a scam Employment

Real scammers, trying to send me an employment email. It looks real and they send application forum etc.

Email I received:


Thank you for finding interest to learn more about the Position as our US/Canada Intermediary as describe on the email earlier received.

ABOUT US: Jin Hung Financial Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, Directly Under the Key Fit Group Limited, whose parent Company is Artel Solutions Group Holdings Ltd. (stock code: 931). The company’s principal Business is private financing, building & mortgage loans, home loans, small business loans, etc., and is an authorized financial company regulated by the Money Lenders Ordinance (Chapter 163 of the Laws of Hong Kong)

Jin hung Financial actively expands its various types of loan businesses, advancing with the times, keeping abreast of the changes in the market and the needs of different industries in various loan levels, thus providing convenience to customers. As we expand our progress and business coupled with the high demand of our Services in your region, we look forward to establishing representative offices and sales centers in North America. Until the centers are established, we need a reliable company (irrespective of the business type) that will stand as an intermediary between our customers in your country and Jin Hung Financial Co.,Ltd. Hence, we wish to contract your enterprise as our “Intermediary” or "Regional Representative Agent" in United States and Canada.


Such persons/companies should be able to:

(1) Collect and remit due accounts within your region.

(2) Work together with Managing Director to seamlessly reach goals.

(3) Maintain proper records of transactions.

(4) Innovate ideas to drive the company forward.

(5) Help to create new channels for easy distribution of our ever growing market with same region.

COMMISSION: Managing Partners/Regional Reps Agent are each entitled to 5% commission of each completed transaction plus a monthly allowance of $4,900 dollars. Other benefits include annual compensation of Phone and Internet Bills. Business and communications shall be mostly conducted on-line and on phone and hence will not affect your current job.

To accept this offer, kindly fill our Employee Information form attached to this mail and sign accordingly. Upon receipt of this form, we shall send you a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding.

We look forward to working with you.


Henry Cheng,

Director of Human Resources

Jin Hung Finance Ltd


Nina –

Victim Location 33067

Type of a scam Investment

Henry Cheng is posing as senior private investor/lender International funding. He send what looks like official loan approval documents by Jin Hung no longer exists as an entity in China. They were bought by the key fit group and no longer operates. He then sends instructions to pay for an insurance policy to a company called Bulwark Insurance in the U.K. This company doesn’t exist as well and ask for the funds to be paid through to a third party provider for the insurance company. This third party also don’t exist and the account is in a persona name. Luckily I investigated and informed the authorities in the U.K. About this scam before sending any money. He then proceeds to call my clients directly and say that I am unreliable and they should deal directly with him. This was reported and all communication with Henry Cheng has now terminated. I need ALL to know about this so that no one gets caught.



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