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Joel –

Victim Location 66212

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I located this website upon searching for Shelties after ours unexpectedly passed away. We initiated contact via telephone and they corresponded back via text. They asked that we complete a questionnaire to determine the dog would be placed in a good home. I became suspicious when the price did not increase to ship the dog, it remained $700. I know, from speaking to other breeders, that it’s $350 minimum to ship a dog. The following day we were approved to purchase a puppy and received a bill of sale purchase agreement, via email. The bill of sale listed the seller as "Lauren Black, 405 Altoona Pl SW, Atlanta, GA 30310, (770) 988-4569". Jimmy Olson was an additional name used in the bogus purchase agreement. Additionally, the email used poor grammar and requested full, upfront payment using Western Union money transfer as the payment method. At this point I’m aware it’s a scam because legitimate breeders and/or businesses never require full payment or utilize Western Union as their payment method. I then received a phone call from a man who barely spoke English and was extremely concerned with the payment. I Googled the address and it appears to be a run down, poorly maintained home. I also found a ScamGuard website where an individual stated they were scammed out of money for a dog and it specifically listed the same address I was provided and referenced above. Lastly, I reverse Google Image searched the pictures from the fake website (https://www.jiminies.com) and found the real website(s) the images were lifted from, http://breystonshelties.com/index.php/available/testimonials/ AND http://www.lucky-starline.narod.ru/lat/gallery_lat.htm. Upon closer look at the fake Jiminie website I can spot the "mistakes", such as using "RoyalSchnauzers" on the Sheltie website under their FAKE "guarantee" link within the website. They knew our dog recently passed away and devastation, anguish, and grief yet that didn’t stop them from trying to take advantage of us. These individuals are more concerned about lining their own pockets and scamming people out of their hard earned money.



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