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Type of a scam Government Grant

This man has been emailing my dad to have him fill out forms for a government. He is asking for almost 3k as a fee for filling out grant papers.

He has a form with social security numbers and a form for a transfer of beneficiary funds.

Here is an email exchange:

From: Jim Fletcher

Date: May 27, 2019 at 8:51:43 PM CDT

To: Thomas Hill

Subject: Re: Grant

Hello Thomas,

again sorry for the delayed response, but note that your online profile has been fully updated and please find the attached application forms to fill, sign and return back to me for further processing and please note that the application fee of ( $2850) must be paid in full before your application forms can be submitted to the grant board for approval. once you get these forms correctly filled and signed, please email them to me for further processing and just as you know i recently returned from a grant summit that was held in Australia, this means as a united states citizen you can not only apply for united states grant you can also apply for grant funding even from the Australian authorities and other countries involved in the grant funding program. this means more chances of individuals getting their grant application approved.

please be informed that details/instruction on how your application fee should be paid will reach you once i receive the scanned copy of the documents attached to this email.

hope i hear soon from you,

Jim T Fletcher.

On Sat, May 25, 2019 at 4:43 AM Thomas Hill wrote:

I did send you my dL on a separate email. Let’s go at the $900,000.00 mark. I hope I can sign and email the form back to you electronically or wire it to you or hand deliver if necessary.

Sent from my iPhone

> On May 25, 2019, at 1:04 AM, Jim Fletcher wrote:


> Hello Thomas,

> i would suggest you pick an amount from $950,000 – $1,000,000.00 or $450,000 – $900,000 as those are the figures most people usually apply for under the business grant category. so get me an exact figure from the range of figures above so i can update it on the data base and also your copy of drivers license /passport is also needed for the profile to be completely setup, please note that before your application can be submitted, there will be a form that you will need to fill correctly, sign and email back to me, and also i usually charge my application fee depending on the amount one is applying for,there are loads of applications coming in daily but i make sure my applicants applications stands out and work tirelessly till they get their approval letter, hence why there’s always an upfront fee to help me see things through.

> i always tell my clients, the end result is what matters which is you getting the cash you need for your project, and i make sure i deliver on those words as a professional in this field for years and loads of successful business here and overseas to show for it. i will be waiting to get the drivers license/passport and also the exact amount you think would be enough for the project from you and then we take things from there.


> Jim T Fletcher.



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