Jim Fowler

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Holly –

Victim Location 78645

Type of a scam Tech Support

Caller ID name on incoming call: Jim Fowler

Phone #: 859-846-4528

This info gathered from Googling Fowler name and phone number: Calls claiming to work for Microsoft and says a virus has been found on your computer and he is working on behalf of Microsoft to clear it off your computer…then proceeds to gather specific information. Numerous people have posted feedback on this scam. Since this is always the same number, and Google shows it originating form Kentucky, can’t the Feds track this number back to the scammer? It is ID’d on some fraut sites as a High Level Scam warning. I have personally not answered the phone, but calls come in routinely two to three times a day and are a nusance. Scam alert websites advise NOT to pick up the phone. However, what can people do to get this stuff stopped?



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