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Kari –

Victim Location 14201

Type of a scam Employment

On Tuesday, January 8th, 2019, I was contacted by Mrs. Bailey, Human Resources employed from Jim Afler Construction Company, offering me a data entry/bookkeeping job that i was suppose to do out of my home. I was asked to down load "Hang Out" that is through Google, to communicate this home working position. On Thursday, January 10th, 2019, She sent me an agreement and it was on Jim Alfter Construction letterhead. I signed and sent a copy of my drivers license. She told me that she would send me the funds (check) to buy the bookkeeping soft. (the conversation is attached) On, Monday, January 14th 2019, Mrs. Bailey said I will be getting the funds on Wednesday. She asked me what financial Institution do I deal with. I looked over at my fiance, and told him what she ask me. I wasn’t going to give her my banking information. I told her that I don’t deal with a financial institution. I waited 20 mins, and asked her do i need a bank account for this position? Well I didn’t get an answer because she blocked me from "Hang Out". I thought that was odd and suspicious. After talking to my family about the situation, they thought it was a scam. I called Jim Alter Construction Company but didn’t get a answer. So I thought it was best for you to look into this. I am attaching the whole conversation.



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