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Roger –

Victim Location 44706

Total money lost $30

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Jillian Epperly of Canton, OH, USA is the creator of ‘JillyJuice’, an online recipe for salt, cabbage, and water. Epperly has garnered an online following worldwide and has managed to convince people that they are infested with parasites. She instructs her followers to drink upwards of a gallon a day of her "jillyjuice" recipe a day, in an effort, as purported by Epperly, to rid themselves of Candida and Parasites, which are responsible for their illness and cancer.

Epperly is convincing pregnant mothers to consume her ‘jillyjuice’ recipe to rid the womb of parasites and candida. Epperly also instructs the parents of infants to replace the children’s formula or breast milk with her recipe to detox the child. In a gallon of ‘Jillyjuice’, there are 8 TABLESPOONS of salt, which is equivalent to ~60,000mg Sodium. Epperly recommends upwards a gallon or more every day.

WHO(World Health Organization) strongly recommends <2 g/day sodium (5 g/day salt) in adults and should be monitored for children based on their needs but less than 2,000mg/day. Epperly convinces parents to induce her recipe to children via enema and oral. This is dangerous because it is difficult and likely impossible to gauge how much sodium an adult or child is absorbing through the gut.

Sodium poisoning is real and causes side effects such as seizures, hypernatremia, and loss of consciousness. These serious events have been reported by several victims and their children. We don’t know what to do or who to contact in an effort to stop Jillian Epperly from preying on people’s fears and misunderstanding of their illnesses.

I have reason to believe and evidence to support the idea that Epperly is an online predator. She has admitted to, and I have proof that Epperly will provide dangerous medical and nutritional advice for $75/hr or $40/half hour.

We have contacted the Ohio Attorney General, Ohio Medical Board, the FDA and other government agencies in hopes that one will step in and prevent Epperly from her practices, which seem very unlawful. Epperly is providing medical and nutritional advice without proper medical education, credentials, and/or certification.

Regina –

Total money lost $150

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Jillian Epperly claims that drinking her juice (which is salty cabbage juice) will reverse aging, Down Syndrome, Autism, and every medical issue on the face of the earth. She advises against anyone seeing actual medical professionals, and claims that the salt poisoning symptoms people experience are "healing symptoms". She charges a fee to access her poorly constructed website, and will ban anyone who questions her about her qualifications (of which she has NONE) and will not refund the fee. She attempts to get around calling it a fee by describing it as a "mandatory voluntary contribution" which is a complete oxymoron. Her advice has harmed countless individuals, and possibly contributed to the deaths of at least two people. See here: *** She advocates feeding this juice as a replacement for breastmilk or formula, and many of her cult members feed it to their children.



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