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Raymond – Apr 09, 2020

Victim Location 78520

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email from Ashley S Brewer (work email) it was offering the opportunity to work remotely from home, acting as regular clients, to business like western union, uphold, PayPal, to name some. I was to call and conduct transactions to review employee performances in those companies. Through this email I got instructions as follow:

Hello Angelica Reyes,


JOB TYPE: Part-time

The pay is $4080 monthly +/plus bonuses.

Open in: USA (Any State)

It’s your chance to make some extra cash with us!

UX Researchers should act as a standard customer using our clients’ online services, and inform back on range of aspects of their experience.

In other words, your main task is to test online platforms and websites by surfing and completing simple actions on it.


Self-motivated person, Ability to meet deadlines, Honest, Enthusiastic, Hi-Speed Internet access.


– Great salary + bonuses,

– Ability to have any other work,

– Opportunity to choose any working hours.

If you are looking for a way to have some extra cash, don’t hesitate to join our team!

Reference code: ID-PD35-557

So, I emailed them back and said yes, I was interested and ready to start. Another person with the email [email protected] contacted me and provided me with the job instructions and agreement. It all seemed legit to me and had seen a lot of different UX researcher jobs. So, why not would this be real? I got instructions on how to set up working in email and provide them with email and password (both). I was asked to contact another person via email and would get all the instructions from them. It began a bit weird, asking me to set up the different accounts for the business mentioned above. They asked me to perform transactions to Philipines to test the service, but none of them went through, that I am thankful for. The last time, they asked me if I had a Paypal account to which I replied yes. They told me to call and remove the limit of the account and provided me with a script for when they could call.

I said okay, but never called, the lady providing me with instructions, continuously told me to move on and do the transactions, and this last one on PayPal, seemed very weird, she asked me to add a bank account to my PayPal to use, she told me to try it, I told her I had not set up the removal of the money amount, she said to try it, that it would still be okay. By the time this finished my limit to transfer in Paypal was good because $5000 were approved for me to deposit into my account.

A little before that though, I began to feel suspicious and on December 19, 2018, I submitted an email to let them know I would be resigning. This because I truly did not feel good with the job. It seemed strange I could find no info online, so I began to question it daily until I submitted it, a couple of days later the lady reached out via text message again, she asked me why I was resigning, why I did not give it a try, to say a couple of things, I was very scared, and told them, I was looking for a stable job, one where I could earn steady income, to which she replied, would a $1000 dlls suit you right now, I said mam, I have not done work, and she said lets do a PayPal try and I will deposit $5000 dollars there, from there you will get $1000 as your salary, at first it seemed like a deal, but then, I began to question it, and at the same time was not sure if I was overreacting as in a way there is JICPA company, and they are on the news, etc. So was I overreacting, that’s what I thought, until I was not able to sleep any longer thinking of this, and the money was there already, and I began to think about this over and over, and was not sure if I was about to lose a great opportunity, or I was in for something truly bad.

So once I decided to do a bit more in-depth research but at the same time, bills were accumulating so I decided well they said that was my pay, and thought it would be better than I take it, but on that moment, it just did not feel right, not at all.

so I began web browsing this company like crazy, just going everywhere to find a bit about what it was I had gotten myself into.

Right now, I do not know yet what to do, I feel the right thing is to resubmit my resignation letter and go to the bank and have them cancel the account and return funds. Though am so scared right now, since I do not know who these people are, and I ended up providing them with my passport copy, social security, drivers license, my whole life in an email, thinking this was all real.

Jason –

How it go? I got a offer today from this company



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