Jhon Mathew

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Gerald –

Victim Location 99163

Type of a scam Tech Support

Caller claimed to be from company that fixed a computer problem for me 3 years ago and now going out of business. Need to check computer that everything is running before business closes. Had me turn on computer. From that point on he stated many issues including child porn activity!! Said the IP # compromised. Told him I didn’t want anything to do with him or his company and hung up. He has continued to call for 2 days. Did not answer until today I was fooled with a different caller ID notice. It was the same guy. He said they have received warnings about my computer and all devices will shut down soon. Hung up phone.

Turned on computer to change yahoo password. Someone was operating computer!! Had left the screen for a few minutes and came back to see activity on the screen. Shut it down immediately.

Getting a new router from Spectrum and will need to get an IT individual to check my computer.

Fortunately I do not online bank. No bank account numbers anywhere.

Totally frustrated!!!



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