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Andrea – May 27, 2020

Victim Location 76058

Total money lost $5,000

Type of a scam Home Improvement

The person by the name of Josh Hope came to our residence and said he did construction work and remodels. We showed him the work we wanted done to our porch by enclosing it and making it a den area for our family. I paid him 50 percent down as requested and he started the work. I am not a construction worker nor am I experienced with what is right or wrong during the process. He said he was experienced in his job and knew how to do this kind of work. Unfortunately, after he completed the job we noticed that the floor was sinking in and that he did the job completely wrong. We know this now because after we tried to contact him many times by phone and text only to be ignored, we had to have someone else take a look at the floor because the subfloor was sinking in and bowing everywhere.

The person who took a look at it said he did it all wrong. The beams were not 16 inches apart, they were 24 inches apart, and that is why the floor was falling apart. There were also holes and gaps on the side edges and he said if we wanted him to fix them that we would have to pay him more money, when clearly that was his wrong doing to the floor we wanted covered in the first place that we had already paid him forin full by this point. He can not do flooring and he isnt an honest man. He lied to us about his work that he could do and he will not even explain himself by simply returning calls or texts. Do not consider him, he will take your money, do work not even done by code and common sense, and the run off with your money.



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