JGU Back Brace

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Javier –

Victim Location 19962

Type of a scam Other

I received a call at 11:18 am on 3-21-17. A man with a foreign accent came on and said, "Hello?" I absentmindedly said "Yes?" Again, he said, "Hello?" And I again said, "Yes?" He indicated he was calling about a special offer on a back brace. I indicated I had no need for that and hung up. After I hung up, I realized I had said "Yes" twice, which is one of the scams I had heard about and forgotten about. I’m not thinking clearly today because my little dog was attacked by a pit bull yesterday and was severely injured.

I called the number back to try to determine who had actually called me. No company name was given, and a recording indicated I was "probably calling because I had been contacted about one of their products," and to hold for a service representative. Another option was to press a number to be removed from their calling list, which I did not do.. I held on for a service representative, and no one came on the line. Instead, another recording came on asking me to leave a voice message and a call back number.



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