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Courtney –

Victim Location 64123

Type of a scam Other

I responded to a craigslist ad to work for home processing gift cards, I really should have known in the beginning that it was too good to be true. The ad stated the ability to make 20 dollars per card processed, and I think I first read it wrong as per hour, which is a lot more believable. I haven’t lost money just yet, but they send me an email with the website, and instructed me to fill out an application. After the application he ask for any form of identifying identification, which I sent my driver’s license. On the phone I was told that they can only deposit weekly payments on Monday to major bank accounts/debit cards, they gave me three choices, the one that I can remember is BankofAmerica. In my last contact with this person/s he instructed me to notarize a letter, which I didn’t really understand what for, but later understood it was to certify my identity or something like that. When I went to my bank to get the letter notarized I ask the notary about my bank (bankmidwest) if there was a difference between them and bankofamerica, I told her about the contract type job, and she told me that didn’t make sense, I should be able to receive deposits in my account from any job. I then asked her if maybe small banks didn’t have routing numbers, and she told me that all banks do. It was then that she started helping me realize this was a scam, specially as one of the biggest proofs, the notary letter had three phone numbers to contact with, a direct, office, and fax with three completely different and far away area codes (602), (480), and (931). He had also asked me to do a "training" exercise were I sent a screenshot, and I’ve just realized that maybe he was trying to figure out my computers address or something like that.



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