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Jaclyn –

Victim Location 90064

Type of a scam Rental

Company JF REALTY INC – acting as an escrow (working under license # of a different JF REALTY INC. FRAHM & ASSOCIATES) company seeking to obtain Time Share certificate of vacation rental. My scenario: received initial call from Home Acres Real Estate "acting real estate agent" gather info for potential buyer – they make an offer – double the purchase price of initial investment (yeah to good to be true) then Home Acres Real Estate (located in TN – working under outdated lic. # for a different company) connects you with "buyer" requesting to use JF REALTY INC (located in Minn. MN) with the promise of issuing you a cashier check or depositing $$ into your bank account. The scam is JF REALTY INC ESCROW located at 409 Nicollet Mall in Minn. MN 55401 does not exist (building under NEW construction 10/2015) will take you time share deed held in a none existing escrow company with the promise to pay you out. When ask if a different ESCROW company can be used – the back peddling begins. The statement I received was the buyer is paying for everything – there is nothing for you to lose. The investor does not want to use a different escrow company, because Buyer has everything to lose (even if the seller is willing to pay the escrow fees)

JF REALTY INC ESCROW has website with LOGO from JF REALTY INC FRAHM & ASSOCIATES address and business license match that of JF- Frahm & Associates located in Buhl MN, but not that of JF REALTY INC ESCROW. The phone # is 612-915-0087 is a landline but not located at 409 Nicollet Mall 55401. People associated Sean Pierce (legal representative)

Home Acres Realty has NOTE under ScamPulse.com on file that the address listed is not where Home Acres Realty is located. Address provide 128 S Gay St, knoxville. TN 37902 with tel # 865-234-0429 (can’t be determined if its a cell phone, but it is not a landline) the location is for a different real estate company NOT associated with Home Acres Realty. People associated Ken Davis, John Cano aka John Soto

Buyer: David Gomez with Su Casita Hipotecaria (Mexico)



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