Jeunesse Medica, LLC

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Kristina –

Victim Location 35242

Total money lost $393.85

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This is the worst scam ever!! Customer service is incredibly unsympathetic and they hide info and say that you agreed to things, as they have a keen way of twisting things around. They state that in the terms of agreement that you checked when ordering are on the website but there was absolutely zero correspondence from the company after submitting the order that they even received my request nor any correspondence whatsoever after and then I notice I’m charged this outrageous amount for a very inferior product that you were supposed to determine that you liked within 14 days or cancel, are you kidding me?! If you fail to cancel you will be charged for a monthly auto -shipment yet there is no number emailed to you to cancel it anyway, at least I’ve yet to locate it on their website. The ‘so-called’ 30-day money back guarantee is twisted as well as they talk you into agreeing that the product cannot be returned once sent so the refund is only 75% when you never asked for the product in the first place. It is a horrible, horrible company and the product is crap! I cannot believe I trusted Dr. Oz and will never trust his advertising again. He is part of the overall scam it seems. Truly one of the most pitiful and frustrating experiences I have ever dealt with. Alfonso, Chris, and supervisor Brian190 had my blood pressure so high it was unbearable. An unequivocal F for this experience, company and BS product!



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