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Paul – Oct 15, 2020

I don’t like you people. Mark I’m speaking of you. Your a lair, don’t care about anyone.
NOW, You have put me through much it’s very sad. Since I have PTSD, I get very emotional, mean out of control.
I’ve been under so much stress waiting for my little companion to come home to me.
But puppy never showed up at least 3 times in so many months.
My heart is hurting and crying out for my puppy wherever he is
I’m 68 and that little male pup
would have made me the happiest women. But I screw that up
I can’t believe you did this, you bad people.

Deanna – Oct 15, 2020

I bought a maltese puppy from an agency. I paid for it and they took it to Jetwood Pet Express,
Mark McBride email me a confirmation when puppy will arrive. I was so excited. I waited and no puppy. So I had call Mark back. He said, it didn’t go cause I need pet ins, it’s required. How much , $600.
Will thinks for telling me now.
I a woman that’s on a benefit pre month. So, it took me awhile. I get it paid off, the puppy will be there tomorrow at 6:00pm.
No show again, called up the next AM, I what is happening here? No puppy last night. Oh now he say I need boarding.
another $300, plus food.
I paid that all off and stupid me. No puppy .
What can I do?
All this was very motional and upsetting to me. I have disability and this puppy was going to be my companion.

Bethany – Oct 25, 2020

Hey same thing happened to me. I lost $1200 to them and I called the police too and they did nothing. I’m literally so scared to even go on craigslist now. I hope Mark Mcbride goes to hell.

Julie – Aug 20, 2020

Gracias a dios no caí, ya que el lunes por poco caigo en una venta por facebook, y ahora estoy mas alerta. Pero si es el mismo cuento una tal sra. Angela en Texas me iba a regalar una perrita Yorki porque su hija murió, hoy nos llega todo lo del envío y nos pareció extraño que el pago era $300 con una tarjeta de walmart. allí comenzamos a dudar. Gracias a esta pagina de Scam nos dimos cuenta porque tienen hasta sitio web.

Joseph – Aug 18, 2020

Hello! Yes, Jetwood Pet Express is a scam. Thankfully I caught on before actually making the payment. They listed a puppy on Craiglist for free, but wanted to charge for the delivery of the dog. They wanted me to use a pre-paid American Express Card to pay for the transportation, which is what made me suspicious. Do not pay them anything!

Anne – Aug 09, 2020

This service was contracted to fly two puppies from Texas to Minnesota with a $500.00 ticket fee. After the fee was paid, they notified me that special crates were needed before they could fly the puppies at a cost of $1000.00. These crates are not needed to fly the puppies but I was told they would not fly them without he crates.
I have lost not only the 500 but the two puppies that were to be trained as service dogs.

Wendy – Aug 03, 2020

Victim Location 95207

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Other

This service was contracted to ship a pet from Plano Texes to Sacrament Ca.

$300.00 was paid for transfer after which they requested additional funds for insurance. Company did not respond to refunds request.


Phone: 361 236-2124 559 410-4609 ‪(512) 337-3783‬

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