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Bonnie – Aug 26, 2020

Found job on Glassdoor jobs applied and was told to download telegram app where my interview was conducted. They asked me to fill out the w4 and sign the acceptance letter. I never signed or filled any of this out.. they ssk for your address on the application, after receiving the acceptance letter the next day I had a 5000$ check on my door step. I asked what it was for and they said they semt it for me to get my needed supplies. I took the check to the bank where they told me it was a real, good, solid check. (I didnt cash check) I told the guy I did he then told me to venmo all the money back to him. I knew then it was for sure a scam. Handed the check over to the police

Roberto – Aug 07, 2020

This scam has gotten more sophisticated. In response to an employment ad a friend sent me. I emailed a resume to [email protected] I received a reply expressing interest and instructions to download telegram to conduct my online interview. The interview, with Rahul Singh, lasted about an hour and was successful. I was never asked to provide any information you wouldn’t normally put on an application. I then received an email containing a blank W-4, blank I-9, and a formal job offer letter on what appeared to be Jetion Solar letterhead. I filled out and returned them via email. Mr. Singh then informed me that the company would be sending me a check to purchase a computer with pre-downloaded software to begin working for them. That is when contact just stopped.

Mark – Aug 03, 2020

The same thing happen to me! I was so scared to send my ssn!

Jonathan – Jul 13, 2020

Victim Location 14150

Type of a scam Employment

I received a notice to email resume to a [email protected] Here sent info to download the Telegram App, where I connected with a Rahul Singh. I was asked to deposit a check to start up training. This was my red flag.


Phone: +1 (682) 253-2585

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