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Autumn –

Victim Location 91306

Total money lost $4,758.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Today at 10/1/2017 10:48am (pacific time) i purchased a Canon 1dx mark 2 camera from for $4,758.99 total inc 2-day shipping. Few minutes later someone called my the phone number (from caller ID 732-444-3751 Holmdel NJ) i left in my contact information on the website and tried to scam me:

The person told me that i successfully ordered the camera and that i should receive an email confirmation (i received). Then he asked me what battery do i want with the camera: "the 5 hour or 2 hour battery"? I responded that i don’t understand the question because this canon camera comes only with 1 type of battery, the LP-E19. That’s when i suspected a scam. Then he said that i probably mean the retail version. I told him that i’m talking about the camera i just ordered. Then he stated: "I’m sorry, but this is a camera body only that doesn’t come with anything; no battery, no charger and no card." I got pissed that i am getting scammed in the face after giving his store all of my credit card, name and address info, so i told him that he better sell me as was promised on the camera page in his store or i’ll have to sue then because $4700 is not a joke. He then said: "Who the *** you think you are? Probably some israeli. You think you can sue me?"… Then he switched to broken Hebrew with heavy aAmerican/Brooklyn accent and said "Ata lo tekabel klum" = You won’t get a *** Then he hanged up on me. This is a scammers store, they think they can get away with $4700, trying to up-sell and scam if i want my product delivered and also super racist. I want this store down. They should not be allowed to sell anything in USA. I have all the proof of purchase, their product page print and more to prove it.



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