JESUS Reigns

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Krista –

Victim Location 98503

Total money lost $3,000

Type of a scam Charity

I was sending tuition money for 2 girls at Holy Cross Mintal in Davao City. Suddenly the mother, *** *** *** stopped paying the tuition and used the money to run off with her cousin, *** *** ***. Both girls were top students and missed 6th and 8th grade because of 37,000 peso balance. . . they were unable to transfer. The two cousins went in hiding. *** was pregnant. They were found and an arrest warrant for *** ***–once found for swindling (fake check) was supposed to be served. *** ***–his wife–received the information of his location by courier and message but has not reported. In the meantime, a baby was born, and they are using the girl who should be in 9th Grade at Holy Cross Mintal as free babysitting (and possibly saying she is the mother of the baby). *** was also shown pregnant as of 11/2018. There is still a 12,000 peso debt at Holy Cross-Mintal, and a debt to the school service driver of 5,000. An investigation uncovered that perhaps *** *** *** has outstanding debts on another island, ***, where she lived for 10 years. The larger organization of JESUS Reigns in Mindanao and Manila has been advised, but as of now, no action seems to have been taken. ***  and *** *** have threatened up to 7 people who might expose their fraud. The children of both of them live under possible threat. The wife, *** ***, is a teacher at Sto Tomas National High School, and knows all regarding the fraud and Child Protection Act issues broken because of her husband and has failed. to report. The fear is that elders (anyone) might be scammed in the Philippines and men might be manipulated by sex and sympathy for *** *** "to care for her children". . . . and her skill at saying she is "God Fearing". The church members are being scammed because they are using alias: ** *** *** *** ** *** *** . . . . (others are *** ** *** *** * * * *** ***) Neither *** *** *** *** have any marketable skills. . . so only further scams could bring them income so online scam or scamming church members and family are their best options. I have endured threats to expose that they would steal the future of her children (not paying tuition) to run away and have another child. Instead of paying tuition for a 14 year old girl, they started a church, JESUS Reigns (Davao Del Norte). . . The girl–missing school for the 2nd year–was shown pregnant on November 24, 2 days after her 15th birthday. Bottom Line: These 2 cousins will use any form of scam–religion, charity, education, medical, sex. . . . to defraud. . .



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