Check Jessica reviews to see if it is legit.

Scott –

Victim Location 21236

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Robo call from "Jessica". Says do not hang up as this is important. Goes on that my credit card will be charged $399.00 if I do not return this call immediately for computer service maint. contract. If I hang up, the call does not disconnect. It is still there several seconds later. It also goes to my answering machine, if I do not answer.

I checked and the site is in Clarenda, Texas. But, I would not call the number.

Wayne –

Type of a scam Romance

She had her number in the app given in description asking to text if we like her and I texted her and she said she wants to go FWB nothing serious or wifey and then she ask we sexted (not much just two messages) to see if she’s fake and then she sent a link saying that this is the address to her location for safety. I talked back bad and abused her then but she kept insisting to do it which verifies that she’s a scammer or whoever is using the account using Jessica name is a scammer. I blocked her and brought it your notice

Mindy –

Victim Location 21212

Type of a scam Phishing

I am not sure is this is a matter that you handle, but any advice would be helpful.

[someone named Jessica] has continued to email me questioning whether images were sent to them. I forwarded the email below to the FCC complaint department , but I saw an ad by the on this type of harassment. I don;t know this person and have never sent them any images or email. I’ve continually received this note and in my opinion it’s malusius and could cause a false narrative.

I’m requesting that the origin of the email be disclosed and if your organization has had any complaints about this person, persons, or company sending these type emails. I have never sent any image to this email address or know who the sender is.


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Dane –

Victim Location 33028

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This person contacted me via text message to purchase a bunk bed set I was selling through Craigslist, they wanted to pay through Paypal and after i called their bluff they backed off.

Sophia –

Victim Location 33625

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Posted my car for sale. Five minutes after posting I received a text message from someone named Jessica wanting to buy my car sight unseen and for my asking price. My asking price was a little high knowing I would probably need to negotiate with the buyer. I didn’t have any pictures posted and that didn’t seem to be a problem with Jessica. I wanted Jessica to come by and see the car after she wanted to rush the sale through my PayPal account. I told her I didn’t have a Pay Pal account and she went as far as instructing me how to create one so we could finalize the sale. My asking price was 3700 dollars. Seemed odd someone was willing to make a purchase for 3700 dollars sight unseen. I checked the area code from the phone call and it was from Texas. I live in Florida. I want to make it known that this attempt failed only because I refused to make the sale through my Pay Pal account.



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