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Victim Location 33160

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for a cane cosro puppy on craigslist (my mistake). We found this post about some woman giving away corso puppies. She said she had just have twins and is very busy so she was just looking a home for her puppies. We contacted her through email (the phone number was not reachable). She asked a bunch of questions to determine whether or not we are good people. SHe said she only needed the money for the shipping of the puppy, not the puppy itself. I offered to pay the courier myself since she didnt ask for money for the puppy. She said she needed to prep the paperwork and start the shipping process so i needed to send her $300 on the Edward Errol name from Austin, TX. I grew suspicious and told her that i was alittle hesitant to pay in advance out of fear that it might be a scam. She freaked out and said that she was christian and tht she would never cheat, it is against her religion and so on. But it didnt make any sense. Why should i pay them when i can pay the courier myself to take the puppy from them, if they didnt need the money for it! They almost got me, too. But those [censored] wouldnt allow us to call them or provide any proof that they have a puppy like any other normal people out there. Scammers. I am reporting them to everybody. Please be vigilant, ask for proof, video chat, call. I even offered to pick up the puppy, to fly down there and she said that we couldnt just go in and take the puppy…..What an [censored], she gave herself away.


these are 2 emails they used:

[email protected]

[email protected]



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