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Russell – Oct 16, 2020

The same has happened to me after giving my information and moving packages for them, on the one month anniversary and pay day my account was closed and now no one will return my calls, emails or txt’s (prior to this all where returned with in 15min). Please be very careful. and if any one has been able to contact them or get paid please post instructions on how they went about it.

Kristine – Oct 02, 2020

It posed as a logistics company and asked that I receive and ship products. I did. Only to be cut off a day before the supposed pay day. The ugly part of it was that I was sent a w-4 form where I had written my social security number in bold letters. This is sad

Brittney – Sep 12, 2020

This company claims to ship to international customers that cant get shipping from the US. But every package is routed to my address and then shipped back to New Jersey. Whats the scam. Whats the purpose it states it pay 2800. plus 50 for every package. The address in New Jersey is owned by another company and the phone numbers belong to a post it landlines in another city in new Jersey.

Alexandra – Sep 09, 2020

I just got through watching the “employment video” only to then be contacted shortly by someone In the human resources department.. it sounds too good to be true, but I just read on another site that someone did this & it’s a scam process, theft. They steal packages (so said) and send it to your house with your name on it. So when you have to take a photo & prove you have it, ect.. the cops will arrest you. It sounds like that’s the winner here… Because it does sound too good to be true.

Dane – Aug 29, 2020

Ever since I been in contact with this company/these people I’ve been having problems with my phone, such as google search, sending text messages takes longer than normal. Google search take longer to load up. They send me emails as much as 8 or 9 times of the same message in the same hour upon sending . When I did call the phone number I was provided it’s an answering automatic machine every time.
I’m not sure what there goal is, i dont trust them at all. I do believe they are up to something. Not sure what it is.

Trevor – Aug 17, 2020

Victim Location 78664

Type of a scam Employment

It’s posing as a re-shipping company.

Offering 2300 a month plus bonuses for every package that you receive at your house, open, inspect and re-package all done from home.

It just makes no sense as to why a company would want you to do that.

Sounds like a scam. I didn’t interact with them so i don’t have website or address but the email came from [email protected]


Phone: +1 (908) 540-0089

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