Jerry Haris

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Joel –

Victim Location 41102

Type of a scam Online Purchase



I saw your ad about the bike and i was wondering if it’s still available, because i am really interested. It looks good from what i can see, and I just want to know if there are any noticeable scratches that aren’t on the pictures (if there are, would it be a problem for you to send some more pictures showing them)? Do you have bike history report? Lastly,are you firm on the price or are you open for negotiating? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Me: Jerry,

Bike is still available, no noticeable scratches. I’m not aware of any collisions or laydowns. It was owned by an older gentleman before I bought it who bought it in 2003. Price is somewhat flexible. Will include more pics in a separate email, files are too large to send at one time.

Scammer: Hi again, sorry for not responding but i have been really busy these days. Thank you for the reply. I have a really long drive to you so i want to make sure everything is fine with the bike, before I come. That’s the reason i asked for report. Could you send me one from because my mechanic told me to ask for that one and since I asked for it i am going to repay you when i come to see the bike. If you send me the report and if everything is in good order, I can come on Thursday so we can discuss about price and finalize everything. Please let me know what you think.

Me: I don’t click on unknown links. All research I have conducted has informed me of this attempted scam that you are trying to pull. You’ve got the wrong guy. I won’t be fooled by your request to pay for and send you a vehicle history report. 



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