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Jonathon –

Victim Location 77856

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

I had a telephone call today (caller ID said unknown name and number) from a caller saying he is my 16 year old grandson and told me he had been in a car wreck and had been driving his friend’s car because she be had too much wine. He said he had been arrested and was in detention waiting to go before the judge. I said this does not sound like (my grandson), are you sure you have the correct number. He said yes this was (named my grandson) and that he had an injury to his nose and mouth due to the accident. (At this point I am very leary about this call.) He said I needed to call the public defender right now and he gave me the name and phone number of the public defender. I made that call and I asked where my grandson was and he said he was in the infirmary right now. I asked if I came there where would i be able to find him. He told me he was in New Jersey. I told him that was impossible, my grandson is in Texas! I told my husband, who was listening to the conversation, this is a scam. When the caller recognized i was not falling for his scam he got belligerent and said this is not a scam and my grandson would be going before the judge and going to jail and hung up on me. I called my daughter to make sure my grandson was safe and sound.



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