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Megan – Apr 30, 2020

Victim Location 50595

Type of a scam Government Grant

I received in which I thought was a facebook message from my aunt in the early morning hours-as she lives out east asking how things were going, which isn’t unusual. the message then went on to ask if I had heard the "great news?" the message went on to say that there is a federal government grand that I could be eligible for and do not have to "pay back" as the message went on to say that she was awarded money, and wanted to share the information with me. Told who I thought was my aunt that I would look into it. Thought at the time, that she was being "helpful" as the messaged pushed for me to do it "now" the message sent me the link to a "Jeremy Peeks" and told me what to say in the message: "I am ready to apply for the on going program of F.G.D.H.H.S." and got a very quick response of "HELLO" He identified himself as Agent Jeremy Peeks. He went onto say the 2020 Federal Government Department Health & Human Services general agent. -Then wanted my personal information-Full name, Address, Zipcode, City, Age, Occupation, Monthly income, Email Address, and mother’s name. So I filled out what they requested and messaged back. They came back with that I qualified for a $90,000 grant award. Told them that there must be a catch- or this is not a real thing. The message went on to say that in order for me to get the 90,000 they needed a $500.00 down payment for shipping cost and taxes. I knew than that it was a scam. I was disappointed, and i was definitely concerned as well for my aunt that her account on social media had been hacked into as well.



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