Jenny’s Boutique LOC

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Joseph – Aug 15, 2020

What a scam, I just wanted to know how much this scam costs and they charged my credit card

Melissa – Jun 18, 2020

Victim Location 25177

Total money lost $101.97

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Yesterday my son sent me a link to what we thought was the NBA store online, it looks just like it, to buy jerseys online. I was surprised how cheap they were, and got kind of uneasy when it had a link to put in credit card information and if did not work to put it in again using a different button. I went ahead and ordered but I never got an email confirmation. So I went back in where it had me register all my information and under contact us there was just an email form, no number. When I clicked on returns it was just a description on how to wire them money. Shipping tab went to a description written in broken English how they are located out of country and use a different currency, so the order would take a while to ship. I searched the NBA store and saw the address was different. This address was

Which is different. I checked with my bank and it went though a company called Jenny’s Boutique LOC out of Arizona, which does not exist. The phone number listed is not a working number. The number listed is 602-641-2530

I contacted my bank and they said they could not stop payment on preauthorizations and I had to wait for it to go through. The bank is sending me a new debit card and is doing a Fraud investigation; however, they said if they cannot get the money back from the company I am just out of the $102 dollars. Since this company cannot be located I don’t know what to do to get my money back. IM



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