Jenny Jack Loans

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Kristin –

Victim Location 28625

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Jenny Jack Loans sent me an email saying fill out the application and I did. Upon doing that they sent me the terms to my loan. I responded back saying I agree. After that they said there’s one small problem you have to pay a fee of $125 I then told them I only had $50 and they accepted that I western union them the money and upon receiving it they told me the bank was very mad at me for not sending the money quicker and I now owe them $98 before they could send the money. I then told them to cancel the loan and send my $50 back. They refuse and said that they were God fearing people and they aren’t scamming me of my money. I then told them to send me the bank information and they said no. I stopped emailing them but they never stopped emailing me. This is a SCAM they have a Facebook page and everything. The Facebook page is portraying to be a female but it’s really a male. Horrible people. Taking from those who really don’t have it in the first place.



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