Jennings, Roberts Associates

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Ricky –

Victim Location 72137

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Had several calls from a Veronica Jennings and an Alexis Jennings from Jennings Roberts Associates. They claim I had 3 cases against me for payday loans that where taken out several yrs ago that had not been paid back. I had not answered the call, but decided to call them back after listening to the voicemail that was left saying I had a legal case against me and me or my attorney of record needed to call them back that day or I would waive my right and they would submit my case. When I called them, they asked for my number, which they already had, so I gave it to them. Then they told me what my name was, which was right, and told me about the 3 cases against me(explained above). Then told me what my email address was suppose to be and where I "worked" at the time the loans where taken out. When I stopped them and told them I had never had that email, they hung up on me. I didn’t get a chance to tell them I had never worked at a flower shop. I called them right back and when they answered, I told them I wanted to know why I got hung up on and hey hung up on me again. I have since had them call from the same number several times and they have left a voicemail each time. All info is the same, except for the first name. I will not be calling them back. I will just report the info to whoever I can in hopes no one gets scammed



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