Jenniffer Corneau

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Jeremy –

Victim Location 35235

Type of a scam Employment

On Indeed looking for a job when see Personal Assistant position Birmingham. After responding get email back saying I have job. That it will pay $400.00 weekly for 10 hours a week! This seemed to be to good. So i email and ask for more information, told that it is just running errands and paying bills for person I would work for. Then get this email with a contract to sign. The way everything was worded so far made me think I am paying for whatever (including these personal bills, then get reimbursed) so this has me leary. I send another email and ask for more detailed information. After the last email I have not received a response from anyone! This is truely a scam! Why if I am working for someone in Birmingham I am not given an address to go to after running errands? Why not given an address to work from? Red flags to me! Please advise the Birmingham area of this, I would hate to see someone get sucked into this!



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