jennifer grant

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Shanna –

Victim Location 67211

Total money lost $3,500

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

found rv on craiglist that wanted to buy, seller wanted to use "ebay payments"for safety and security. bought the cards and submitted numbers, then 2 days later had to send more money for insurance. when they asked for money for "custom duty fee" hit me that it was con. there is no Beloit border authority, there is no custom duty fee to transport vehicle from omaha to wichita. called ebay and found they dont handle 3rd party payments, the rv was listed as 1995 seven seas cobra, seller was a jennifer grant email [email protected] "ebay motors" email was pay [email protected] i sent them $3500. when i refused to sent the "custom duty fee" there was no more communication.called to check balance on cards and they were all zero balance except one with$24 left. the money was to be held til rv delivered and had 5 days to inspect and approve before funds released to seller.



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