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Andrew –

Victim Location 94539

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Will post relatively new RV listings on Facebook Marketplace with unrealistically low prices. Upon first inquiry, you will be referred to a person who is either unavailable for some reason or another (usually military duty). Multiple pictures and more detail will be offered as well as an email address.

The "five day waiting period" is the dead giveaway. A person will claim that you will be given five days to test the vehicle and that the seller will not receive payment during this period. You may also be told that you can refund or cancel the sale during this period.

Bottom line, if you do not have physical access to a vehicle you can actually test along with a carfax report and clean title, as well as verified proof of ownership, DO NOT PURCHASE IT. Use basic common sense. Unless you know for certain that the vehicle even exists, and that a person is the legal owner of an item, don’t give them money.

This nearly looked legit until a request for payment was made. If I haven’t seen the vehicle, haven’t seen the keys, haven’t seen the vehicle running, haven’t performed a short test drive, haven’t seen the title and your drivers license, I’m not about to give you a few thousand dollars. Be smart, people.

Here is a story of a similar attempt at the exact same scam:…



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