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Kurt –

Victim Location 46517

Total money lost $890

Type of a scam Other

I was trying to buy a dog to replace the dog I lost New Years Eve it’s JJ’s French Bulls @ all small letters. Maurice the name for that one then the phone number was +1-901-352-8350 Latoya Michael french bulldog 4461 @ they said you would get her a puppy 9 weeks old certified health and immunization certificates $40 airline approved krate Soft krate n2 $55 and then they try to make me pay for n3 which was $100 more and the puppy was $650. So I had them change the 155 to 55 then the climate controlled class flight fee was 145 total to have Pub to you will be 6:50 and 2:40 which is 890 I sent 600 MoneyGram on the first and then I sent to 40 on the 2nd then they sent me a thing via email Skype and verse that number is +1-484-352-2897 it had a cold but no flight like Panama or whatever and no times I just had my name address stuff like that that code was mg63 9971 see I called South Bend Airport South Bend Indiana and they said that they didn’t have anything even coming in from Alabama or anywhere like that that was a scam and then I had another number call me this morning it texted me sorry not called and it was Michael wanted to try to get me to buy a Yorkie which I never even tried to get a Yorkie I was going for a French Bulldog that number is 16122 787-9239 their website was jelly French Bulldogs Home. Net all little letters with this skypetmovers they wanted me to pay almost $2,000 for Insurance and a bunch of other stuff that was some of it was refundable the other place jelly French Bulldogs or whatever didn’t tell me nothing about that they only told me about the 8:19 and then the pump would be delivered to me and her name was supposedly Genesis I hope you catch him I have Michael Bih 221 – 22nd Avenue North Birmingham Alabama 35234 Alton Alabama+1-901-352-8350 that’s the address for the money gram



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