Jeli St.Bernards

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Teresa – Aug 04, 2020

They claimed they were selling puppies at a discount price because they were expecting another litter soon. We paid $550 for the puppy and a $200 shipping fee. We were then told we needed to pay for some type of pet flight insurance that the airlines required so they aren’t found accountable if anything happens to the puppy while on board. They said this was 90% refundable once we had the pup in our possession. Then they tried to say the puppy was stuck in quarantine at the airport because the appropriate paperwork was lost. To get the puppy out of quarantine, they said we needed to pay $1800! I called the airport at this point and they said they didn’t even have a quarantine and they haven’t been shipping pets since COVID started! Total scam!

William – Aug 06, 2020

This was the exact same story minus me actually paying them! When I questioned what airport the puppy should arrive at she could not prove the puppy would fly into the airport I wanted. Then just wanted to know when we were sending money… be careful out there!

Curtis – Jul 18, 2020

They wouldn’t set up a business account, they changed who I was supposed to pay… which is a red flag that they burned an account, they wouldn’t do escrow. Not friendly whenI started to question them. I am grateful I didn’t send them money!

Bobby – Jul 17, 2020

We just sent $700 to these people and still no confirmation or any emails back to me! It is definitely a SCAM!

Erica – Aug 01, 2020

Hi shonnie! We would appreciate if you tell us what happened or when you got an answer from these guys Thanks a lot and we are with you

Justin – Jul 14, 2020

Victim Location 53040

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They are claiming to sell puppies online through their website. They want you to send money to them through Zelle. They have no contact information except for an email address. Their website does not list an address.



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