Jeffrey’s Min Pins

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Erica –

Victim Location 75002

Total money lost $650

Type of a scam Online Purchase

If you are looking for a minpin (mini pinscher) dog/puppy online and are looking to get scammed, look no further! These person(s) at the two following b.s. places of business called "Jeffrey’s Min Pins" and the other scammer business called PETS AIR RELOCATION Animal Transport are working in cahoots to scam people out of online promises to deliver a puppy. When you first contact them, they want various information as usual. Now, both have been contacting my mother from various phone numbers and locations at her home and online after she wired the $650.00 to Jeffrey’s Min Pins requested for a puppy, which she was told was in Arlington, Virginia. Thank God she didn’t use her credit card or banking information!! Guess what? The puppy didn’t arrive imagine that? She was contacted next by the second scammer PETS AIR RELOCATION Animal Transport telling her she needed to pay more money for some type of crate. And NOW, she is getting even more menacing phone calls telling her she needs to get a thermal crate "NOW" for only $1,800.00 more dollars, for the dog to get shipped from Ok City, (which she could drive to from where she lives). She sent an email saying she would come pick up the dog…… the next time they called she told them on the phone that she would come pick up the dog, and they said "absolutely not" that she could not come pick up the dog and that the dog was being shipped back to Virginia because of her failure to pay them. SCAMMERS! REPORT!!



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