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Cynthia –

Victim Location 13740

Type of a scam Phishing

I received an email from Jeffrey Davidson initially from the [email protected] email and then it switched over to same name The discussion took several emails that started on Saturday, March 23, 2019. First it appeared an honest request to board a horse at my mom’s stable located in ***, NY for which I handle any internet concerns for due to my mom not having the internet. The first flag of the discussion is he would not tell me where the horse was shipping from along with he changed from talking of vacation to vacation and moving. He also claimed to be hearing impaired and used that as an excuse for not calling to help finalize things with my mom, *** ***.

We did give him information of where to send the check and who to make it out to. It is made out to *** * ***, my sister who is the owner of the property and handles the stable accounts. In the process of waiting for this check to arrive, which it did on March 29th via FedEx, I continued my email with him to acquire the following information:

One, I verified the first address was supposedly associated to Wendy Enelow’s website. She is a consultant who is in Virginia, so I assumed he was moving from there to NY, but could not confirm.

Two, I got the number 925-800-7859 as his contact. This is a text customer only number located in California. Doing some research on the internet I found this number has a warning on it due to it pinging from an IP in Nigeria 5 months ago. And when I mentioned I could not confirm who he was and that his found had pinged in Nigeria, he acted all confused and finally told me the horse was shipping from San Diego though he claims to have told me that in the beginning.

Three, he finally gave me another contact of Dr. John Haught, who was supposed to be the emergency contact if something happened to the horse. Phone number of 319-804-8924 and [email protected] I could not confirm this information and decided not to try the number due to what I found with the first number.

Once the check showed up today, 3/29/2019, I got all the information off of it. I do not have it to scan in at this time, since it is at my mom’s house which is where the stable is located. It was a cashier’s check issued by First Citizens Bank of Raleigh, NC. I called the bank and connected with their fraud department stating I had the information but not the check itself in front of me. They verified it was a fraudulent check and to not cash it. I told them I was going to do a full reporting of this fraud attempt.

To add to this, on 3/29/2019, he sends me yet another email but replies to one of the older ones prior to getting the phone numbers stating he knew the check was delivered.

I give this guy an A for creativity, but an F in smarts.



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