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Matthew –

Victim Location 79928

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

This person Jeffery West says he found my resume on Indeed and offered me a job to take care of his father. So he has my number from me resume and I ask him to call me because thats the right way to do buisiness is talking to the person you’re doing buisiness with. So he continues to just email me job details and when he and his father were coming to town. He says hes gonna send me advance payment of $3,886.51. So today I get the check he promised but i call the bank which is Chase to verify the check and the account number isnt even real, looks real but not. So I’m reporting his actions and hopfully something can be done about these scam artist trying to trick people smarter then they are. Here is the emails sent between he and I.

You fake mutha [censored]a this check isn’t even from a valid chase account. Which means its fale and i just reported the check and your punk [censored] to my friwmds at the treasury department. So you might wanna change your m.o. fake [censored] scammin was good for nothing not worth a crap piece of [censored]. I hope you get caught and locked away you sorry [censored].

On Feb 5, 2018 9:20 AM, [email protected] wrote:

Ok Jeff

JSL Tech Mr. Kris E. Parks

On Feb 5, 2018 7:43 AM, "Jeffery West" wrote:

Good morning Kris,

How was your night? Hope you do had a wonderful weekend rest? I apologize for the late update, But emergency occurred which required most of my time during last week and weekend. So I’m using this medium to plead for your patient and understanding. I have already instruct for payment to be mailed out to you, Should be delivered to your residential address you provided this week waiting to receive the tracking update from UPS carrier service I’m definitely gonna make it up to you and please I wouldn’t want you go seeking for another job. I know time is running out but I promise that everything will be fine and by tomorrow or Friday latest, The payment will be delivered to you. So please never see this as a waste of time as you are in our thoughts. We would appreciate your patient and understanding. Do have a wonderful day.

May the good Lord continue to bless you and your family in Jesus name.

Mr Jeffery

On Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 7:13 AM, Jeffery West wrote:

Good morning Kris,

How was your nigh? Hope you do had a peaceful and restful weekend? Thanks for the response, I think am confident to say the job is yours. My father is 70 years old, very healthy and easy going person, follow his orders accordingly and you will never cross his path. I’d be more than happy if you will take interest in driving him. He is very friendly and fun to be with, free eaters and never allergic, He loves pets and also likes to see neat/clean people around him. He will be arriving to the city in 1-2 week time from now and he will be staying in a reservation in the city pending when he completes the buying of his new home in your city. I would be paying you the sum of $29.89/hr and i expect the best of your services. I am going to send you an advance payment as well as some money for the moving of the new car i just bought for him over to you because that is the car he wants to ride in and you will pick him up from the air port on his date of arrival ( Will provide you with flight details as soon as the flight is booked by my travel agent).

I would be sending you extra funds, that would cover part of your a week’s salary and my balance would go to the Mover’s Agency that would bring the new car over to you. It will be greatly appreciated if you accept this offer. I will be looking forward to having a better service from you to him. Kindly get back with the following information:

Name on Check :


City, State & Zip Code :

Mobile Phone number :

Occupation :

Age :

Sex :

Please be informed that you would receive a pay check for your advance payment and the balance would go to the Mover’s agency for the charges of moving the car down to you. I believe in your interest to work for us and I do promise to satisfy your needs. I want to make sure you are okay with that and i will be waiting to read from you with the requested details as soon as possible.

Thanks and hope to read from you soon. God bless you !

Mr Jeffery

On Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 12:51 PM, Kris Parks wrote:

I am interested in the position.

I am retired from twenty years of service in the Army so I am readily available all day long 5 days a week and will even work some weekends. Mon : (9am – 12 pm) (12pm-3pm) (3pm-6pm)

Tue : (9am – 12 pm) (12pm-3pm) (3pm-6pm)

Wed : (9am – 12 pm) (12pm-3pm) (3pm-6pm)

Thu : (9am – 12 pm) (12pm-3pm) (3pm-6pm)

Fri : (9am – 12 pm) (12pm-3pm) (3pm-6pm)

Sat : (9am – 12 pm) (12pm-3pm) (3pm-6pm)

Sun : (9am – 12 pm) (12pm-3pm) (3pm-6pm)

JSL Tech Mr. Kris E. Parks

On Jan 28, 2018 1:46 PM, "Jeffery West" wrote:

Good afternoon Kris,

How is your day going? Hope you do had a peaceful day? Thanks for the interest in my driving job advertised on, My name is Jeffery West, I need a driver for my father. He wants to relocate to your city and he really needs a driver that would drive him around the city to get to various places such as go see a Real Estate agent and checkout some homes cause he is interested in buying a new home in your city,This is a permanent move and that means you will be working for him for a very long time. I have been quite busy with work and presently am in California for a business project. I will like to let you know that this is a permanent job (shifts are available) depending on your daily plans and schedules.

If you believe you are fit for this position in as much as you will prove yourself to be a good person. We will secure your service for this position. You are required to be dependable, dedicated, honest, loyal and trustworthy. I will provide you with a ( Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class ) for use. You will be offered $29.89/hr and please highlight your availability hours below

Mon : (9am – 12 pm) (12pm-3pm) (3pm-6pm)

Tue : (9am – 12 pm) (12pm-3pm) (3pm-6pm)

Wed : (9am – 12 pm) (12pm-3pm) (3pm-6pm)

Thu : (9am – 12 pm) (12pm-3pm) (3pm-6pm)

Fri : (9am – 12 pm) (12pm-3pm) (3pm-6pm)

Sat : (9am – 12 pm) (12pm-3pm) (3pm-6pm)

Sun : (9am – 12 pm) (12pm-3pm) (3pm-6pm)

I prefer communication per emailing , and text because I am having a very tight schedule in a busy week. If you have any specific questions, write them down and I will answer them. If there is a real and urgent need for a phone call, specify the issue per email first and then I will try to get a chance to call you and as well answer your questions. If you have any questions that I have not answered, please pardon me and list them in the next email, I’ll be more than happy to give response to them , I was Leary at offering a position on indeed but a friend referred me and I thought I’d give it a try .

Kindly answer the following interview questions since we are not opportune to meet in person for an interview presently cause i have limited time to catch up with my business appointments. Without wasting any time further, we would like you to start work as soon as possible if you ever get selected. So kindly get back to me with answers to the questions below.

1. Do you smoke ?

2. Do you do drugs or have you ever done drugs in the past ?

3. Ever been convicted ?

4. Where are you located presently (I mean your residential zip code) ?

5. Number of years as a Driver (Driving Experience) :

6. Present or previous occupation :

7. Total Charge Per Week for the number of hours you have selected above :

8. Your Reference and their contact information :

9. Briefly tell me about yourself,your family and your driving experience.

Thanks and hope to read from you soon. God bless you!

With Trust

Mr Jeffery

On Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 8:03 AM, Kris Parks wrote:

Yes, I am interested.

JSL Tech Mr. Kris E. Parks

On Jan 28, 2018 3:19 AM, "Jeffery West" wrote:

Hello Kris,

How is your day going? This is Jeffery West, I just received email from regarding the driving position i posted on there, Yes the position still open for anyone who really need a job please kindly get back to me so that i can email you more details about the job.

Mr Jeffery.

Oh and here is information on the check that was written,

Routing number 111000614

Account Number 780573072

says it was from JPMorgan Chase Bank



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