Jefferson Capitol System

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Michele –

Victim Location 48375

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I use Credit Karma & they alert me if something new comes up on my credit report. I got an email from Credit Karma that an account was reported from Verizon Wireless for $242 & the debt agency was Jefferson Capitol Agency. I’ve never had a Verizon account (I’m in my 40’s), so I called Verizon first. Verizon immediately transfered me to the fraud department where they looked me up by my name, son. security number, birthdate, & address. They had no record of me at all meaning I have not had a Verizon account nor am I sure how someone would open an account that would be on my credit report when Verizon couldn’t even locate me in the system at all?? Verizon told me to file a dispute through Credit Karma which I did, & then contact Jefferson Capitol Systems as well. I contacted JCS & spoke with Larry (ID #6287) & told him exactly the above that I’d called Verizon, they have no record of me ect…he was LOUD, rude, pushy & kept speaking over me, just demanding more information about myself? I would not give them my social security I had already confirmed that with Verizon (whom I trust as a company), I did give him my name & address & he kept telling me that I DO have an account but the last names were not matching? He wanted my maiden name & other information rather then listening to me? I told him I would file a dispute through Credit Karma & got hisID number & hung up. It’s VERY odd that Verizon’s fraud department has no record of me (because I’ve never had an account) yet this collection agency is telling me the I do but my last name doesn’t match up & THIS GUYS TELLING ME I HAD AN ACCOUNT IN MY MAIDEN NAME when he doesn’t even know my maiden name & it wouldn’t matter anyhow I’ve been married for years & as I repeatedly kept telling him Verizon does not have ANY record of me under any name?! I found it strange that I wasn’t being listened to, that I kept being asked for more & more information about myself when all they needed to do was call Verizon as I just had & verify that I do not & have not had an account with them? If JCS has an account on my credit report but Verizon has no record of me then where or how did JCS get any info for collections? Not from Verizon? It makes no sense & these people are VERY hard to speak to & are only interested in getting more information about you & not at concerned that they are attempting to collect a debt that is not even legitimate?!?! Very upset with this company & the loud intimidating way I was spoken to. Verizon was very nice & very helpful & you’d think JCS would just take my info (that is needed not my mothers maiden name ect..), call Verizon & verify that I have no account just as I did 10 min prior to calling them & that’d be the end of it! Sadly no, I had to hang up, this JCS seems like a complete scam!! Telling me I have a debt with a company a I JUST spoke with & they have NO RECORD of me having an account! I’m hoping the dispute I filed with Credit Karma will sort it out. Beware of this company Jefferson Capitol Systems!!!



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