Jeff Woods

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Krystal –

Victim Location 43943

Total money lost $5,000

Type of a scam Romance

I was on I was message by a guy named Jeff Woods. He was a civil engineer in Houston Texas. He had a business named Jeffs construction LLC. In Houston. He told me he had one son named Eric he was eleven. He also said his wife was killed in a car accident eight years ago. He had no other famiy. He asked me all sorts of questions. Then a couple days after we met online he started talking all romantic etc. Then he said he was leaving for Saudi Arabia in two days to do a job at a big hotel over there. But he was flying his son over to west Africa to a friend who was a retired from the army named Felix Okyere. So after his son was over there a couple days he said his friend needed money to buy groceries for his son. I sent by money gram $300.00. Also he ask me to put an iPhone 7 on my cell plan for his son for his birthday and ship it to him in west Africa. Like a dummies I did it. He son email me from over there. I emailed him. Then I get an email a couple days later from that Felix Okyere saying that Eric been hurt. He was wrestling with a friend and fell down the steps and hit his head and was in a coma. Then I get a message from Jeff woods saying his son was hurt and he needed me to send $2,000 dollars to help pay for a procedure he needed. He would pay me back. So I sent it money gram. Then a few days later he said he need another $3,000 dollars for his son. So I sent it money gram. He said he would fly into meet me and give me back my money. Well Mr. Jeff Woods never did show up. But I’m so thankful I never gave him my bank acct info or credit card info.



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