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Martha – Oct 13, 2020

He started a job for my Mother in Salisbury Ctr and took a huge amount of money. The job is still not complete and I would like my Mother to get justice! Scammer! Manipulator and thief! The garage he put together isn’t even up to codes…This was 3 yrs. ago and he has so many excuses and such. Don’t hire this man! He moves around from place to place scamming people!

Benjamin – May 11, 2020

This is the face of the scammer

Noah – Apr 10, 2020

09/18 took money to repair a roof never showed excuse after excuse
paid in small amounts took 15 months to repay time after time had to chase him down. Just a piece of [censored] person

Vanessa – May 04, 2020

Nicole – May 04, 2020

He stole from me too! Please help me and I will help you testifying
We need to bring this thief to Justice
Marcela +315-882-7851
Text me please ‘cause I am working

Lori – May 04, 2020

Scammer’s phone 315 717-1138

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address 113 w north st, ilion, NY 13357

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Home Improvement

Initial means of contact Email

Jeff Luke home improvements got hired on FEB 2019 to do multiple repairs, i paid in full amount labor and materials total of $45000, particularly one project is the fence one of $27000 , he did 10% of the job and run away, practically he ruined my house he start demolition for every project and never was consistent to finish at least one job and immediately without finishing what he started of the previous project start another, so all the place is or was a major major mess, bottom line he is gone now and he owe me $45000 in total, i have papers and pics and documents to prove it! we are in JAN 2020 almost a year and he still promising to come back and finish the job… the 10% of the job he is done is disaster need to be inspect due to many leaks in plumbing and gas… practically he put us in major danger per ” NATIONAL GRID GAS COMPANY” WHO DISCOVER THE LEAK AND SHUT OF THE GAS IN OUR HOSE… AND LIED ABOUT HIS LICENSE, I FOUND OUT THAT HE IS UNLICENSE AS HE CLAIMED.

Yolanda – May 04, 2020

He stole from me too!
Contact me by text first because I am working and cannot get the calls
+1315-882-7851 Marcela Etchebehere
I am determined to put this guy behind bars! He is a criminal!

Courtney –

Victim Location 13407

Total money lost $2,850

Type of a scam Home Improvement

I hired Jeff Luke on 7/24/18. He took a deposit of $2850.00 at that time. He did not start work. He never gave us any date to begin work and only gave us excuses. In searching on the internet, I found a person in Herkimer who was scammed by this contractor as well. My boyfriend spoke to her and she stated that he took her money and did not do the work and when she asked for the money back, he paid her in small increments at a time, and did not fully pay her back. I did go to the police about this, and they are currently investigating. He has done NO work, has not complied with NYS law and does not give my money back.

Meredith –

He stole from me too.
Send me a text message! We need to take that guy to justice. I think that he already deserves jail!
+13158827851 Marcela



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