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Jordan –

Victim Location 27610

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email from this company in the form of a response to my inquiry of a position with them. I do not recall applying for the position, but I may have through Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. The email stated my name and encouraged me to apply for a at home packaging and shipping position that sounded like a really good opportunity. A couple of days fter clicking the link and filling out the application via, I received a phone call from a MICHIGAN number. During this call a man with an accent asked me a little about myself and if I could fulfill the job requirements. He then said that I would receive an email with a contract and that I would be hearing from a manager. After seeing that the contract first require me to upload copies of my two forms of ID, I decided to look the company up to make sure it was legit.

I cannot find ANYTHING about this company ANYWHERE. The supposed DC address is a virtual office, there’s Nothing on this website about it, and the so called "US Academy of Fashion" that the company claims to be awarded by cannot be located either. The company MAY be legit, but due to what I HAVEN’T found on it, my red flags are sky high.



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