Jeff Andreson

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Shannon –

Type of a scam Romance

Jeff Anderson/Andreson messaged me on

Asked for my number to call me. Then Skyped twice.He left Match after one day as he said had weird interactions.

Back story: 55 year old Danish man moved to Canada

Wife died but cheated on him first. No family. Owns his own cable company and doing his last gig on a rig off Newfoundland before retiring to my home town. Should take 2 weeks. Will make my happiness his priority. He is always there for me and so on. Things go bad on rig and he calls me and asks for money to be deposited in his account. No amount given as I hang up.

After I hang up and don’t answer his calls I text him to not contact me again. He says ok cool.

I then went on socialcatfish paid 5 dollars to put his photos in their search engine

He came up on a scam alert site and it was a fairly similar story to mine. His picture, each with a different alias is on many dating sites including international ones.

The photo belongs to a well known chiropractor with YouTube videos (*** ***l)

The voice on the you tube chiropractic videos matches both the voice on both the cell phone calls and the 2 Skype visits – minus the Danish accent

So that last part really confuses me. Is it possible to alter Skype live interactions?



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